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MAACA - 3 year Partnership

Our Pledge - $15,000 p.a.
For seasons 2023/24 -2025/26

The Melbourne All Abilities Cricket Association promote and run a 3-tiered competition for cricketers with an Intellectual Disability (ID) to compete against each other. In season 2023/24 there were 21 teams within 16 mainstream clubs across Melbourne and Central Victoria.

MAACA has set a target to grow by adding 2 new Clubs a season over the next 5 years to met the demand for young ID people looking for sporting opportunities.

Sponsor a MAACA Player

It costs just $60 to sponsor a MAACA Player, it's tax deductible and takes less than a minute on our Sponsor a MAACA Player gofundme.com page.

With over 300 (ID) players participating, MAACA needs these funds for training ID cricket coaches, subsidising player match fees, equipment, club uniforms and helping to support clubs to successfully integrate MAACA teams both socially and financially.

MAACA commenced in 2015 and provides invaluable opportunities for these players to develop their cricket abilities in a safe and integrated social environment.

The best performing players can be selected in the Victorian Vikings team to represent Victoria at the National Cricket Inclusion Championships and go on to earn the coveted Baggy Green cap and represent Australia.

MAACA is striving to grow the number of participating clubs and teams each year to provide more ID sporting opportunities.

“It's about equality. - These guys love playing cricket ... to wear the club colours, that's the best thing about it.“

Stephen Lefebvre,
MAACA President

The Melbourne All Abilities Cricket Association (MAACA) Division 1 Grand Final, 14 March 2021 between Williamstown and Croydon North CCs.



Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club has a very proud history dating back to 1880/81 and fields 3 teams in the Eastern Cricket Association. The Club has expanded it's inclusive policy to welcome girls and women's teams.

Club legend Melissa Hale has lead the way for the first All Women's Deaf teams competing at the National Cricket Inclusion Championships in 2020.

Melissa's drive has increased opportunities for more women with a hearing impairment to compete at the NCICs in 2023 and 2024. The Victorian Men went Back-to-Back in both years and our Womens team won the 2024 National titles.

Taverners support helps all players in the Deaf community to compete at the NCIC regardless of their financial circumstances. From there, the best of these players can earn selection for their country at International level Deaf Cricket.

“There’s not much that can’t be resolved without genuine inclusion, kindness and recognising the power of belonging to something.”

Melissa Hale,
Head of Deaf Women's Cricket 

at Cricket Australia

Melissa Hale, Womens Deaf Cricket trail blazer.
Melissa Hale, Womens Deaf Cricket trail blazer.


Our Target - $5,000 +

The Victorian Blind Cricket Association in Melbourne was formed in 1922 and is the birthplace of Blind Cricket. The VBCA provide the opportunity for Blind and Vision Impaired people to learn and play Blind Cricket. With a long and proud tradition and highly dedicated players, the VBCA need help to continue and grow.

Key objectives for the VBCA are:

  • To establish a Womens Program with the aim to have a Womens team at the NCICs.
  • Expand the Mens program through specialist marketing and the newly established Junior program in Donvale that runs for 14 weeks.
  • The VBCA must compete with the rapid expansion of other Blind sports and needs support to attract new players.
  • Make their programs more affordable for people with restricted income capacity.

2-3 Interstate carnivals a year feature on the VBCA calendar along with the National Championships in January or February.

They also hold matches hosted against sighted Cricket Clubs to break down isolation and reduce overall costs that can increase participation for people with limited vision.

The VBCA forms the pathway to inclusion and the chance to progress and represent Australia on the world stage. It's a wonderful achievement to see what these vision impaired athletes can do.

"The amount of people that have come through blind cricket and it’s changed their life for the better, the numbers just grow and grow.”

Stephen Palmer, Australian Blind Cricket All-Rounder

Ned Brewer-Maiga, National Player and Captain of the Victorian Blind team.
Ned Brewer-Maiga, National Player and Captain of the Victorian Blind team.

Cricket Inclusion Championships

Our Target - $10,000 +

To be held again in Brisbane in late January 2025.

The National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC) were established by Cricket Australia in 2017, as an annual, combined carnival for cricketers who are Hearing, Vision or Intellectually impaired. The tournament showcases the skills of these players and the growth of inclusive cricket across Australia, particularly in female participation.

Taverners Australia are an Official Charity Partner of Cricket Australia and contribute $120,000 a year - so that all players have an equal chance to participate. Each player pays the same low amount, regardless of their travel expenses or financial situation. It's a huge honour for these players to represent their state or territory and to strive to become National Champions.

Taverners Victoria raise funds for the NCIC through the annual Taverners 'Sporting Chance' Raffle and from 10% of our Membership fees each year.

We encourage our members and friends to buy tickets with fantastic cricket related prizes.

Clubs and other charitable organisations can fundraise via the Taverners Raffle and earn 80% of the sale proceeds for their Club/Organisation. Click here to learn more.

The best NCIC players may then be selected to represent Australia on the world stage in their relevant divisions.

“It’s about giving people with a disability the chance to be included, respected and acknowledged for their skills and dedication.”

Earl Eddings, past Chairperson of Cricket Australia

NCIC Champions 2020  - Victorian Women's Deaf Team
NCIC Champions 2020 - Victorian Women's Deaf Team


Noogal Toengorrt Tani is a Cricket Victoria program that provides participation and development opportunities for our Indigenous community. Taverners Victoria is in discussions with Cricket Victoria over funding  assistance for a squad of talented players to prepare for the National Indigenous Cricket Championships held in Alice Springs each year.

Indigenous players are making their mark at the top level of Australian cricket, Scott Boland, Ashleigh Gardner, D’arcy Short and Hannah Darlington to name a few.

Indigenous participation in cricket will only continue to improve with more players breaking into international and top level, domestic cricket in Australia.

Victorian Indigenous female bowler in deliver stride
Ella Hayward for Victoria v NSW at the NICC, Alice Springs 2020