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We Do

We raise money so people who: live with a disability, face economic disadvantage or are Indigenous, can participate in sport, primarily Inclusive Cricket Programs and competitions.

Taverners support Bushfire and Flood devastated cricket and other sporting communities. We help them reinstate sporting facilities and replace lost equipment, so they can get back to playing community sport.

Taverners have also supported Wheelchair Tennis and Horse Riding for the Disabled along with other disability sports and recreational activities.

Our 11 branches across Australia engage our members and friends in a variety of fun ways. Funds raised are allocated to our chosen sporting organisations to deliver inclusive programs at all levels, from grass roots community sport to National competitions.

Each branch has a Committee of volunteers that give their time at no cost, to support programs in their local regions and nationally for Taverners Australia causes.


Taverners Victoria Boxing Day Breakfast
Taverners Victoria Boxing Day Breakfast

We Help

Taverners Victoria are passionately committed to supporting a wide range of Inclusive Cricket programs for people of all ages who are:

Blind and vision impaired
Deaf and hard of hearing
Living with an Intellectually disability

from our Indigenous communities.
Bushfire and Flood devastated communities

Taverners Victoria have in the past supported various other disability sports, athletes and recreational activities.

Taverners Victoria may from time to time, support other sporting causes to 'Give a Sporting Chance'  to people facing economic hardship and social disadvantage.

Women's Deaf Cricket  2020 NCIC
Women's Deaf Cricket 2020 NCIC