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Taverners Victoria has a custom of bestowing "Legend" status upon outstanding Victorians involved in cricket.

Our Legends will have served Victorian cricket over a long period as a player, administrator, coach, umpire, volunteer or organiser. They will have gone beyond the call of duty in time or effort to serve Victorian cricket. Their achievements may have elevated them to the international sphere and brought honour to Victoria.

2003 R.N. Harvey MBE, W.M. Lawry AM
2004 ​ W.A. Johnston, S.J.E. Loxton OBE, G.N. Yallop
2005 W.L. Jacobs, M.G. Hughes, C.C. McDonald AM, R.J. Parish
2006 M.A. Gray, D.M. Jones AM, I.F. Kline, I. Meckiff
2007 R.M. Cowper, J.D. Higgs, J. Potter, R.C. Steele, G.E. Tribe
2008 M.H.N. Walker AM
2009 A.N. Connolly, R.F. Merriman, P.R. Reiffel
2010 D.W. Flemming, A.L. Hassett MBE, K.W. Jacobs OAM, I.R. Redpath MBE *
2011 D.S. Berry, J. Ryder, W.P. Sheahan, K.R. Stackpole MBE
2012 R.J. Bright, A.I.C. Dodemaide, L.V. Maddocks, W.H. Ponsford MBE
2013 J.W. Grant, A.N. Connolly, A.G. Hurst, I.W.G. Johnson, S.P. O’Donnell
2014 A.P. Sheahan AM, S.A. Tredrea, W.M. WoodfulI
2015 W.W. Armstrong, P. Binns, M.T.G. Elliott, D.J. Hussey
2016 D. Whatmore, W. Smyth AO, M. Jones
2017 B.J. Hodge, J.A. Ledward MBE, R. Thompson
2018 C.L. Fitzpatrick, S.F. Graf, S.K.Warne
2019 B.J. McArdle, G.I. Tamblyn OAM, B.R. Wilson
2022 K. H. Eastwood, L.J. King, M.M. Lanning OAM
2023 P.M. Siddle, C. Fatone, D.L. Richards OAM, S. Faram