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Sponsor a MAACA Player

Help support MAACA to grow playing opportunities for cricketers with an Intellectual disability (ID,) across Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

MAACA runs a 3-tiered cricket competition involving 16 Clubs and 21 teams. Their goal is to grow by 2 new clubs per season to provide more cricket opportunities for Victorians with an Intellectual Disability.

It costs just $60 to sponsor a player and takes less than a minute.

It's all about grass roots inclusion for these players, to have a go and love their cricket.

The hardest working players have the opportunity to go on to the National Cricket Inclusion Championships and ultimately International (ID) tournaments and represent their country.


Click the Donate Now button to help fund a MAACA Player on our gofundme page. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible through The Tavs Foundation.


Deaf Cricketers

Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club has a very proud history dating back to 1880/81 and fields 3 teams in the Eastern Cricket Association. The Club has expanded it's inclusive policy to welcome girls and women's teams.

Their club secretary Melissa Hale has lead the way for the first All Women's Deaf teams competing at the National Cricket Inclusion Championships in 2020.

Taverners support helps MDCC continue to cater for the Deaf community while charging its players lower rates to compete in one of Victoria’s largest cricket associations.

From there, the best of these players can earn selection at State and International level Deaf Cricket.



Blind Cricket Association

The Victorian Blind Cricket Association in Melbourne was formed in 1922 and is the birthplace of Blind Cricket.

The VBCA provide the opportunity for Blind and Vision Impaired people to learn and play Blind Cricket. The competition comprises four teams made up of totally blind and partially blind players. They also promote social integration through matches against sighted players to break down isolation.

Taverners Victoria helps the VBCA provide a safe, modified cricketing experience for people with limited or total loss of vision.

This is the grass roots program that can contribute players for the NCIC and International Blind Cricket for Australia.



Cricket Inclusion Championships

Taverners Australia and all it's Branches are committed to help Cricket Australia fund the National Cricket Inclusion Championships with a $100,000 annual contribution.

This tournament brings together male and female cricketers who live with a Vision, Hearing or Intellectual disability, to compete for their State or Territory at one location each summer.

Our support ensures all participants selected have an equal opportunity to participate, by paying one low fee. It carries on a long tradition of Taverners supporting  Inclusive Cricket tournaments across Australia in all three disability divisions since 1982.

Donations of $2 or more, go to the Taverners Sporting Chance Fund and are tax deductible.

NCIC Women's Victorian Deaf Team Feb. 2020
NCIC Women's Victorian Deaf Team Feb. 2020


Noogal Toengorrt Tani

Noogal Toengorrt Tani is a Cricket Victoria run program that provides participation and development opportunities for Indigenous players. Taverners Victoria is helping fund development coaching for a squad of talented cricketers to prepare for the National Indigenous Cricket Championships held in Alice Springs each year. This is a great pathway to Premier Cricket or a T20 professional contract for these players.

Scott Boland, Ash Gardner, D'arcy Short and others have made their mark at the top levels of Australian Cricket. They are vital role models for our young indigenous players, inspiring their cricket journeys. Indigenous participation will continue to improve with more players breaking into the top levels of Domestic and International Cricket in Australia.

Help us make this happen.

Indigenous Victorian Woman's batter EmmaManix-Geeves cover driving.
Emma Manix-Geeves at the 2019 National Indigenous Cricket Championships. (Photo - Cricket Australia)


Cricket Blast Programs

Help Taverners Australia provide Woolworths Cricket Blast vouchers for families experiencing disadvantage across Australia. The Programs are designed for kids aged between 3-8 of all abilities, to learn the basic skills of cricket in a friendly, safe environment.

These vouchers cover up to 80% of the cost for these kids to participate and insure they don't miss out on this valuable opportunity.

Donations of $2 or more, go to the Taverners Sporting Chance Fund and are tax deductible.


In Memory

Make a donation in memory of a loved one and leave a lasting impact. Give a Sporting Chance for people living with a disability or from disadvantaged communities.

A gift of this kind is very personal and creates an enduring legacy that will be greatly appreciated, no matter how large or small.

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in Your Will

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will to Taverners Victoria or the Tavs Foundation Ltd, this is an act of great generosity that can provide funding for years to come for our Inclusive Sporting programs.

Your generosity will bring opportunities and enjoyment to many of our beneficiaries into the future.

It is highly recommended to discuss your intentions with your solicitor. They will assist with preparing your Will to ensure your wishes are carried out correctly.

The most common forms of gifts in a Will are as follows:

A pecuniary gift - lets you leave a fixed sum from your estate to Taverners Victoria.

A residuary gift - distributes either a percentage or all of the remainder of your estate to Taverners Victoria, after your loved ones have been cared for. This removes the need to place a fixed value on your gift.

A percentage - allows you to leave a pre-determined percentage of your estate to Taverners Victoria.

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