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Taverners Victoria - Our Life Members

A Branch may offer Honorary Life Membership to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the aims and objectives of the Club through that Branch.

Since formation in 1982, nine such people have been awarded Life Membership for their services to Taverners Victoria.

Keith Burnham 2000 (Dec.)
Sheila Scotter AM MBE 2001 (Dec.)
Jim Thompson OAM 2004
John MacKinnon 2008
Peta Phillips 2010
Carolyn Johnson 2018
Ian Crawford 2018 ​
Kevan Carroll 2018
Kevin Johnson 2022

Taverners Victoria - Members for Life

We gratefully acknowledge the major support of the following Victorian Taverners.
They have shown their true commitment to our aims by taking out a Member for Life membership.

A. Paul Sheahan 290
Kevin F. Dale 578 ​
Robert W.H. Cripps 617
Rod Eddington 800
Robyn J. Smith 820
Michael J. Bullock 857
Stuart Stockdale 877
Robert Perry 947
Laurie Wordsworth 987
Scott Bullock 1020
Graeme A. Joslin 1023
Graeme Worthington 1034
Ian McKay 1055
Ron Jennings 1118
Laurie Sinclair 1154
Philip Allison 1207
Bruce Monteath 1208
Matthew Blampey 1221
Warwick Burnham 1228
Earl Eddings 1231
Ross Hepburn 1233